Adhesive (SUPER X) 1-6381





  • Applicable to a wide range of waterials by one-component・solventless.
  • It is quick-drying adhesive of possible to adhere without temporary joint.
  • It is very durable, even at low or high temperature.


  • contents amount (mL): 135
  • Semedine Super X
  • principal component: Acrylic metamorphic silicon Plastic
  • Curing temperature: R.T.
  • Curing time: 10 minutes
  • Heat resistance / cooling temperature: 60 ~ + 120 ° C
  • Use: For conductive adhesion of low temperature materials
  • Combination of materials that can be bonded
    • Metal x metal
    • Metal x synthetic rubber
    • Metal x Soft vinyl chloride
    • Metal x hard plastic
    • Metal, wood and plywood
    • Metal x Styrofoam
    • Metal × Tile ceramics
    • Metal x concrete and stone
    • Glass x leather
    • Glass × soft vinyl chloride
    • Glass × hard plastic
    • Glass, wood and plywood
    • Glass x Styrofoam
    • Glass × Tile ceramics
    • Glass × concrete and stone
    • Concrete, stone and leather
    • Concrete, stone and synthetic rubber
    • Concrete, stone and soft vinyl chloride
    • Concrete, stone, and hard plastic
    • Concrete, stone, wood, plywood
    • Concrete, stone, and Styrofoam
    • Tile ceramics Tiles ceramics
    • Concrete, stone, concrete, stone
    • Tiles, ceramics and leather
    • Tile, ceramics and Synthetic Rubber
    • Tiles, ceramics x Soft vinyl chloride
    • Tile ceramics Rigid Plastic
    • Tiles, ceramics, wood and plywood
    • Tile ceramics x Styrofoam
    • Tile ceramics Tiles ceramics
    • Styrofoam x leather
    • Styrofoam x hard plastic
    • Styrofoam, wood and plywood
    • Wood, plywood, leather
    • Wood, plywood, synthetic rubber
    • Wood, plywood, soft vinyl chloride
    • Wood, plywood, and hard plastic
    • Wood, plywood, wood and plywood
    • Hard plastic x leather
    • Rigid plastic x synthetic rubber
    • Hard plastic x soft vinyl chloride
    • Hard plastic x hard plastic
    • Soft vinyl chloride x leather
    • Soft vinyl chloride × Synthetic Rubber
    • Soft vinyl chloride x Soft vinyl chloride
    • leather x leather

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